B and S About Movies
August 8th, 2022

“Director and co-writer (with Alex Hartwig) Hannah May Cumming does more with 25 minutes than most horror movies this year will do with 90. This is a cotton candy-hued freakout and I savored every single frame, a film that at once has the drama of teen pregnancy mixed with what we’re really here for, a prom dancefloor filled with killer slugs...I want this to be a full movie and I want it on a double feature with Prom Night 2.”
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August 10th, 2022

“This was incredibly fun and made me think of Carrie and had the monstrous camp fun of Night of the Creeps. At the same time it also delves into the decisions women have to make about their bodily autonomy and how few repercussions there are for men when it comes to pregnancy. I appreciate how this manages to have a horror comedy tone while still having a strong social message, and great creature effects. With its bubblegum aesthetic and plenty of body horror fun Baby Fever is clearly a film made for horror fans by horror fans. ”
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Infamous Horrors
August 14th, 2022

“Baby Fever” is no stranger to the nostalgia-laced colorful palettes of MFF- I was instantly hooked by the film’s stunning coloring, lighting, and the opening’s very, very 70’S title sequence. Putting aside all the (amazing) visuals for a second, the cast and crew knocked this film out of the park. It’s incredibly well shot, written, costumed, special-fx’d, and acted.”
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“PHFF 2022: Day 1 Short Films” (BABY FEVER)

Blogging Banshee
July 12th, 2022

“Teenage pregnancy has never been so scary. When popular teen Donna (Helena Berens) finds herself unexpectedly knocked up just before prom, her life is turned upside down. To say Baby Fever was the hit short film at PHFF is an understatement. Everything from the the performances to the practical effects to the script were expertly crafted to create a short film that is as gory and fun as it is topical (whether it be 1972 or 2022). The audience fell head-over-heels in love with this pro-choice darling, and you will too. Overall Rating: 5/5”

“2022 Killer Shorts Contest Winners” (BABY FEVER)

Killer Shorts
April 25th, 2022

“BABY FEVER (Grand Prize Winner) impressed our panel of judges with its stylized voice, vivid characters and natural dialogue. Described by Killer Shorts readers as “…a wild, entertaining ride!”, BABY FEVER’s tone balances nicely between comedy and grotesque body horror. “ - Killer Shorts
“One of the most fun, yet terrifying character studies I’ve ever seen in a story.” -Xavier Burgin (Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, Giants)

“Camp Calypso is a Revolution in Horror Reappropriation”

Screen Queens
August 23rd, 2020

“The communicative enthusiasm that Camp Calypso has for its own existence is also its biggest strength . Its love for its own inspirations and its audience is completely assumed and makes for a surprisingly comforting watch. Cumming and Boon have crafted something that is deeply touching in its novelty: a place where the female horror fan can finally feel safe. It may feel overdue at this stage, but it never feels any less revolutionary. Letting the two directors guide you through their mirror maze of references leads to one of the most rewarding pay-offs a young female horror fan can hope for: the simple pleasure of being understood. This might just be the purest intention a short horror film has carried this year, and it’s a bloody charming thing to witness."
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“Filmmaker Spotlight: Monstrous Femme Films”

Morbidly Beautiful Horror
December 9th, 2020

“Their style and passion is undeniable, and they fill a John Waters style icon space that has been mostly lacking in modern cinema.”
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“Hannah May Cumming is Taking Over the Horror Genre”
January 23rd, 2021

“Revenge is a popular theme in feminist horror, because women are often victims-turned-heroes within the genre. I think it’s an incredibly cathartic theme for any marginalized audience member. Also, most of the summer camp horror films we were emulating already dealt with revenge. Friday the 13th, Madman, Sleepaway Camp, and The Burning are all stories of vengeance. But with Camp Calypso, we basically combined the I Spit on Your Grave sort of rape revenge subgenre, with the summer camp subgenre. Of course, we didn’t want to show rape and wanted to be as careful and sensitive with it as possible. Actually, the implied rape wasn’t even written in the screenplay and was manufactured during the editing process (Lorelei was killed by accident before any sexual violence could occur in the original script).”
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“Q&A with Hannah May Cumming, Director of Fanatico”
September 4th, 2020

Do you consider yourself part of a horror community?
Absolutely. I’ve been a horror fan all of my life, starting with my obsession with Goosebumps at a very early age, to making horror videos for youtube throughout my childhood and adolescence…I love attending horror conventions, screenings, and festivals…I’ve also been a loyal Shudder and Fangoria subscriber for years, and I watch The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs every Friday. The horror community is family to me. I also co-founded the feminist horror collective, Monstrous Femme Films, to showcase our films as well as original reviews, articles, podcasts, and other horror related content.”
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“Camp Calypso (2020)”

Zobo With a Shot Gun
September 4th, 2020

“The film’s biggest take home is its ruminations on gender politics and it is both refreshing and empowering to see a work that plays about with the assumptions and conventions that surround the issue with such smartness and creativity. At one point, the strong headed Cherry remarks: ‘this wasn’t it in the handbook’ and here it certainly feels that the Monstrous Femme collective are ripping up the handbook and rewriting it for a new generation in order to bring a fresh and feminist perspective to the genre.”
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“Film Review: Camp Calypso”

We Who Walk Here
September 5th, 2020

“[Camp Calypso] encapsulates everything that the film has going for it: feminist fury, creepy mythology, a touch of humor, buckets of blood, and a constant sense of melancholy thrumming underneath it. Vengeance can feel amazing, but what feels even better is not needing vengeance in the first place. It is empowering, but it is also wearying. This bold and engrossing short film takes a strikingly feminist bite out of classic ’70s horror and puts the genre’s mundane monsters on notice: you’ve deserved this for a long time, and vengeance is finally coming for you.”
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“Camp Calypso is the Summer Camp
Creature Feature I Didnt Know I Needed”

Ghastly Grinning
August 12th, 2020

“If you liked the “Girls Night Out” segment of Scare Package, the horror-comedy anthology from Aaron B. Koontz, or Fatale Collective’s Bleed collection of shorts, Camp Calypso is for you!”
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“Interview with Hannah May Cumming, Co-Founder of Monstrous Femme Films”

March 27th, 2021

“Horror has actually been turning out complex female characters longer than a lot of other film genres, and while of course there has always been an issue with misogyny and exploitation (a theme we like to explore and subvert at Monstrous Femme Films), it doesn’t mean that the genre hates women or isn’t for women. It’s nice for us to feel appreciated and recognized as horror spectators, creators, critics, experts, and fans.”
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“FANATICO (Short Film)”

Flash Bang Film Review
August 15th, 2020

“In being a prostitute, Daria isn't perceived as being a victim - she's not a drug addict, she's not desperate or under the control of a pimp/madam - she is in complete control of her working life.”
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“Camp Calypso (Short Film)”

Flash Bang Film Review
August 10th, 2020

“With Camp Calypso, Hannah May Cumming and Karlee Boon have produced a decent Slasher movie which can be enjoyed on different levels. On the surface it's a very entertaining homage to the classics such as Friday the Thirteenth, but beneath that the film is infused with a feminist perspective and subverts the traditional male/female dynamic of the genre.”
“The thing is here, the directing duo understand not only the tropes of the genre, but also its sexual politics, which they are able to subvert without distracting from the main premise. RATING 8/10”
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“Camp Calypso (Short) Review”

The Blogging Banshee
April 6th, 2020

“The entire cast of Camp Calypso delivers compelling performances from the camp counselors, to the campers, to the camp director...Camp Calypso is a delightful short monster movie that takes a bite out of misogyny. Cumming and Boon make a unique short film that creates it’s own complete story, yet it has a mythos that could easily be added to in order to make a feature-length film. It veers from a typical summer camp horror flick to something much more intricate and interesting. OVERALL RATING: 4/5”
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“Camp Calypso”

There’s Always a Cat
August 22nd, 2020

“At only twenty minutes it manages to pack in a full story that succeeds in character development, humour, horror and a commendable attention to period detail – something that many large-scale films cannot pull off even with their extended runtime and budget. Its expertly filmed with its own look that also manages to pay homage to the tried and true tropes we have grown to expect from this kind of teen slasher fare; and it does so with affection, gently ribbing those old horrors without deriding them. Not to mention, the soundtrack is great and the gore is plentiful.”
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“Short Film Saturday: ’Salt’ / ’Fanatico’

Groovie Movie Reviews
August 15th, 2020

“Overall this is a well-paced neo-giallo that while paying homage to the genre, also adapts what some people may argue can be a misogynistic one to elevate the voices of women and proposes that sex workers and sexually liberated women shouldn’t be judged or targeted. Sadly, apparently some people need to be reminded of that.”
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“Camp Calypso (2020)”

The Reviewing Rodders
August 13th, 2020

“From the opening moments, it's clear what we're watching is made from a reverance for the genre. It brings to mind Todd Strauss-Schulson's excellent The Final Girls, as we get a stunning recreation of the retro slashers which were set at camps. While it captures what was so beloved, it also addresses what hasn't held the test of time.”
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“Portland Horror Film Festival Day 4: Demonic Double Feature”
(Camp Calypso)

LA Zombie Girl
June 26th, 2020

“My top favorite flicks from this group, in no special order, were: Camp Calypso from director Hannah May Cumming and Karlee Boon, Deep End from director Anthony Sellitti, Ferine from Italian director Andrea Corsini, Lonely Hearts from director Dennis Cahlo and Let Me Play from director Andrew Bell. This was a hard group to pick favs from since there were so many great films.
Camp Calypso is about a summer camp in the ’70s. OK nothing new there, but this camp has a terrible history of misogyny. As a female, I had to love the man-eating siren that lives in the lake. Karma is a bitch Mr. Camp Director!”


The Blogging Banshee
July 8, 2019

“Portland local students Hannah May Cumming and Sam Schrader made movie magic with their short [FANATICO]. Inspired by Italian giallo films of the 70’s, the film follows a girl as she joins a Catholic school just as other students are being murdered. The film has the look and feel of an Argento film, but with a definite feminist twist. It is clear that these young filmmakers have a promising career ahead of them. OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5”


The Scariest Things
July 2, 2019

“Students moonlighting as sex workers are being murdered at a Catholic boarding school. An all-female cast, shot in Portland, by a very young director, Hannah May Cumming, who is a film school student at Portland State University. Taking her clues from the gory and stylish ’70s Giallo films, Cumming pulls off all the tricks she had available to her in a remarkable debut short film [FANATICO]. This film earned the PHFF Abby Normal award for rising filmmakers.”

“Portland Horror Film Festival 2019 Award Winners” (FANATICO)

Brian and Gwen Callahan
June 21st, 2019

“We are very pleased to present this year’s Abby Normal Award for innovation from a rising filmmaker to writer/director Hannah May Cumming for her giallo-inspired short film “Fanatico.” A student production, the cast and crew are largely female. From the costumes to the color grading, this film is sheer giallo perfection. We can’t wait to see what’s this crew creates next!”


House (1977) and Shaolin Drunkard with Emma Cogan

Kicking and Screaming Podcast
Mar 19, 2021

“In this surreal episode, special guest Emma Cogan challenges Vanessa and Elijah to find the perfect martial arts pairing for the Japanese psychedelic odyssey that is House (1977).“ Listen here.

Running on Vibes: Monstrous Femme’s Emma Cogan on Alucarda and The Hunger

Not Your Final Girl Podcast
March 10, 2021

“Here come the vibes, ghouls, and they’re immaculate. Ariel and Candace talk B movies, sapphic longing, deals with the devil, overcoming patriarchy (including in the script of your own movie), and what if vampires had proboscises with Emma Cogan, co-founder of Monstrous Femme Films.” Listen here.

ALTER Weekly interviews Emma Cogan ft. Hannah May Cumming

February 4, 2021

“Clothes make a statement and costumes tell a story! Andrew recounts watching High Spirits for the first time, then he and Sapphire talk costume design with Emma Cogan before being joined by Hannah May Cumming to talk about their achievements with their collective: Monstrous Femme Films.“ Listen here.

“Recent Screams: Shudder Faves and Camp Calypso”

Now Screaming Podcast

August 20, 2020

“The effects are killer, the production value is incredible, especially for this budget, and a couple performances made me laugh out loud several times.”
To hear the full podcast, click here. (’Camp Calypso’ discussion begins at 17:50)

“WHO SHOT YA: Scare The Children! - ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ and the Best Decade For Horror” (FANATICO)

Lucé Tomlin-Brenner
August 17, 2019

“I saw an incredible short film [at Oregon Scream Week] by a bunch of Portland State University students called FANATICO, it was this amazing Giallo film about teen sex workers and it was perfect! So spot on.”


Lucé Tomlin-Brenner
August 17, 2019

“Very beautifully shot, extremely stylish and very funny, and its legitimately creepy and haunting and scary.”
“Outrageously engrossing.”
“They {the filmmakers] know more about film than most people in their 30s that I know.”

The Grim and Bloody Theater: Interview with Hannah May Cumming, Emma Cogan, and Carlo Mery



Lora & Travis Friess

June 26, 2019

[FANATICO] was done by all students at the time and a very young director who was 19 when she started... very talented at such a young age. I hope she keeps doing horror movies - or at least movies!”

“PHFF 2020 REVIEW” (Camp Calypso)

Lora & Travis Friess

June 26, 2019