Karlee Boon


Director / Producer 

Karlee Boon is a 21-year-old independent producer and director from Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up in the desert, films provided a constant escape from the scorching summer heat, but Karlee never expected to pursue filmmaking as a career. It wasn’t until she moved to Portland, OR and was exposed to the local film community that she decided to chase the idea. Since then, Karlee has worked as an intern and freelance production assistant on a number of locally-made films.

In summer of 2018, Karlee jumped onto FANATICO as a producer, and has been hooked on horror ever since, going on to co-produce and co-direct the summer camp slasher Camp Calypso in spring of 2019.With a concentration on films with a feminine perspective, Karlee is interested in stories where women dominate the frame and the narrative. She was particularly drawn to horror because of its ability to spark conversation and ignite social change, and hopes to achieve this with her work through MFF. Karlee is currently completing a film major at Portland State University and is in the developing stages of her first script, a psychedelic desert horror set in the Arizona Red Rocks.

You can see Karlee’s full resume HERE.


Winning the "Abby Normal" award at Portland Horror!