Emma Cogan


Producer / Costume Designer

Emma Cogan is a filmmaker and costume designer from Portland, Oregon. Inspired by the unconventional, campy construction of her favorite sci-fi and horror flicks, she spent her childhood crafting homespun replicas of her favorite garments and props. In 2018, Emma cemented her love for film and fashion- graduating from Academy Of Art University with a BFA in Costume Design. The same year, her collaborative journey with MFF began-working on FANATICO as a costume designer and props supervisor. The following summer, she worked on Camp Calypso as a costume designer and associate producer. At the moment, Emma is working on an upcoming MFF project, Baby Fever (2021), as a producer, costume designer, and art director. She is also currently writing a retro-surrealism psychological horror entitled Penny & The Poppies, soon to be produced by MFF.

Outside of her work with Monstrous Femme Films, Emma works locally in the Portland film industry in production and wardrobe. When she’s not working on a film, she creates bespoke clothing, stagewear, and hand-painted boots under her moniker, Python Patsy (check out her Instagram shop here). Looking forward, Emma plans to venture further into writing and directing, and bringing her campy, surrealist horror and sci-fi ideas to life. With a focus on creating inclusive, imaginative content, she hopes to make films that are refreshing to watch, and a blast to make.

Karlee, Hannah, Emma with actresses Morgan Demetre (Sofia) and Alina Stircu (Daria) at Portland Horror.

Emma with Karlee at the Portland Premiere of FANATICO.

Emma with Hannah and Karlee at a pre-production
meeting for Camp Calypso.