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Our film collective, Monstrous Femme Films, was born with the first installment of our feminist horror anthology- the sex positive neo-giallo FANATICO in 2018, which made a splash in the festival scene, taking home countless awards including the “Abby Normal Award” from the Portland Horror Film Festival. The film was released by ALTER in 2020. Since then, we have also completed our ‘70s summer camp creature featurette, Camp Calypso in March of 2020. As a team we have branched out to not only horror filmmaking, but to horror curation and programming as well (with Moonlighting in 2019). We are focused on producing progressive horror flicks by a variety of diverse horror filmmakers. We are dedicated to carving out a place for young women, non-binary, and queer folks in the future of the horror genre.

What we lack in budget, we make up for in style.




Writer / Director / Producer

Hannah May Cumming is a British-South African filmmaker currently residing in Portland, OR. After a childhood of devotion to the horror genre, Hannah decided to create a collaborative feminist horror anthology focused on positive female, queer, and non binary representation in front of and behind the camera. Growing up on half hour horror anthologies like Goosebumps, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? she was inspired to craft her episodic shorts around that same type of 20 minute plot structure - but with more adult subject matter.

Hannah’s work is an amalgamation of queer and feminist horror, camp, and her love of retro design and fashion. Hannah directed, produced, and co-wrote the sex positive neo-giallo, FANATICO in 2018, and wrote, co-directed, and co-produced the creature featurette, Camp Calypso in 2019. She is currently writing the next installment to the MFF anthology, titled Baby Fever, slated for release in 2021. In addition to her work under Monstrous Femme Films, she also produced the upcoming short film, Operation Y2K, and worked as a production assistant on Netflix’s American Vandal and Hulu’s Shrill (check out her resume here). She is 22 years old, and recently graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor’s degree in film.



Producer / Costume Designer

Emma Cogan is a filmmaker and costume designer from Portland, Oregon. Head over heels for all things camp and the wickedness of the human mind, Emma is passionate about utilizing horror and sci-fi narratives to explore the human condition- through a surrealist, and inclusive, lens. After a childhood spent crafting amateur replicas of iconic garments and props, Emma cemented her love for film and fashion- graduating from Academy Of Art University with a BFA in Costume Design in 2018. The same year, her collaborative journey with MFF began-working on FANATICO as a costume designer and props supervisor. The following summer, she worked on Camp Calypso as a costume designer and associate producer. Emma is currently working on the upcoming MFF project, Baby Fever (2021), as a producer, costume designer, and art director. 

Outside of her work with Monstrous Femme Films, Emma works locally in the Portland film industry in production and wardrobe. When she’s not working on a film, she creates bespoke clothing and hand-painted boots under her moniker, Python Patsy (check out her Instagram shop here). Looking forward, Emma plans to venture further into writing and directing, and is currently writing a retro-surrealist psychological horror, entitled Penny & The Poppies, set to go into pre-production Fall 2021.



Director / Producer

Karlee Boon is a 21-year-old independent producer and director from Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up in the desert, films provided a constant escape from the scorching summer heat, but Karlee never expected to pursue filmmaking as a career. It wasn’t until she moved to Portland, OR and was exposed to the local film community that she decided to chase the idea. Since then, Karlee has worked as an intern and freelance production assistant on a number of locally-made films.

In summer of 2018, Karlee jumped onto FANATICO as a producer, and has been hooked on horror ever since, going on to co-produce and co-direct the summer camp slasher Camp Calypso in spring of 2019. With a concentration on films with a feminine perspective, Karlee is interested in stories where women dominate the frame and the narrative. She was particularly drawn to horror because of its ability to spark conversation and ignite social change, and hopes to achieve this with her work through MFF. Karlee is currently completing a film major at Portland State University and producing an upcoming feature film, Labrats. She is also in the developing stages of her first script, a psychedelic desert horror set in the Arizona Red Rocks.




Graphic Design

Somewhere between fairy princess and a blood thirsty witch is Sparkman, a designer with a particular love for motion and web. She graduated in spring of 2020 with her Bachelors in Graphic Design, Sparky hopes to continue working with filmmakers during her career. In her spare time you can find her roller skating or dancing to some disco. Sparkman’s favorite horror movie is a tie between Army of Darkness and Hellraiser.



Graphic Design

Reilly is a designer and artist living in Oakland, CA. As a 2020 BFA graduate interested in branding/identity design and experimental image making, their most notable work includes the founding and creative direction of art journal, Cicada Creative Magazine, as well as the identity development of MFF. Reilly’s joy is working with other passionate creatives in film, music, and writing who stay up all night making stuff!



Writer / Producer

Alex Hartwig is an ambitious filmmaker with a passion for expression and collaboration. Hailing from the suburbs of Washington D.C. Alex is a writer and producer with a busy mind. His first dip into film was writing and directing tech horror I Love My Computer in 2018, before connecting with MFF, producing Camp Calypso, and graduating from PSU with a BFA.  Alex is currently co-writing Baby Fever, the upcoming 2021 film in the MFF anthology, with Hannah. Alex aspires to challenge himself creatively in every project he is apart of while supporting each other every step of the way.


Writer / DP

Joanna Pozarycki is a 22 year old filmmaker with a focus on cinematography. She was born in New Jersey but raised in Portland Oregon, where she currently resides with her wife and two cats. Despite a weak stomach for horror in her youth, she fell in love with the genre first through classics like The Thing & The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and later through films like Suspiria and Midsommar. She hopes to leave her mark on the genre through her trans experience and a queer, feminist, and progressive lens. She is currently writing the screenplay of an addition to the MFF anthology — an alien bodysnatcher film of her own. The working title to watch out for is “The Endling.”

Joanna has a passion for the visual elements of the film medium. She was the cinematographer on the collective’s first project, FANATICO, as well as the co-cinematographer for their sophomore project Camp Calypso. She also has a passion for Experimental art film, she has made three to date, inspired by such filmmakers as Bill Brown & Laura Mulvey. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her degree in Film at Portland State University.



Sound / Editor

Raymond’s first time working with the then to-be members of Monstrous Femme Films was when he was invited to record sound on FANATICO in the summer of 2018. At the time Raymond was studying film at PSU and didn't know what to expect from the project. What he found was a team of dedicated individuals creating content unlike any of his other peers in film school. When he was asked to be the principal editor for Fanatico he immediately agreed, wanting to help further on this unique project with its diverse, talented, and congenial team. Growing up a fan of period pieces and genre films, especially Italian, Fanatico was right up his alley. This was the beginning of his collaborative work with Monstrous Femme Films, which continued with the more recent Camp Calypso. Raymond’s other projects include writing, directing, and editing the award-nominated short western Clear Creek as well as the music video for Portland band Backyard Haircuts' single, Outcall Only.